Segway Ninebot E22E

Max entries of 10 per person


Guaranteed Draw – Sunday 10th October

Congratulations to Ian Kelly with number 39!


Travel around in style on the Segway Ninebot E22E Electric Folding Scooter. It’s lightweight and can be folded-up quickly, so it’s easy to store away when you’re not using it.

Designed with safety in mind, the E22E has a built-in front, rear and brake LED lights, so you will be easily visible on the go.

The scooter has an IPX4 rating, so it can take a few puddles or a bit of rain on the way.

With a maximum speed of 12.5 mph and the range of 13.7 miles, you can get anywhere comfortably and in almost no time. The scooter can even manage low level climbing and it features 9-inch rubber flat-free tyres, so you can conquer many different terrains.


Cash alternative available if you don’t want the scooter!


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Segway Ninebot E22E

Segway Ninebot E22E


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